Prayer For Success and Win in a Legal Court Case

Posted by SL on Jan 9th 2024

Dear Lord,As I face the legal challenges ahed, I humbly seek Your divine guidance and favor. Grant wisdom to my legal representatives, clarity to the evidence, and fairness to those who preside.May th … read more

Prayer To Keep Your Customers Happy and Satisfied

Posted by SL on Jan 9th 2024

Heavenly ProviderI seek your guidance and blessings. Grant me the wisdom to understand the needs of my customers and the compassion to address them with excellence.May our products and services bring … read more

Prayer To Attract Love

Posted by SL on Jan 8th 2024

Love Prayer Sacred waters emanate from within me, beckoning to draw them ever closer, much like rivers inexorably flowing to the sea. The route to me is unmistakably defined. A genuine love, … read more

Prayer For Uncrossing

Posted by SL on Dec 19th 2023

Prayer For Uncrossing Divine Source of Light and Love,I come before you with a humble heart,Seeking your guidance and protection.In this moment, I ask for your intervention,To unravel the knots o … read more