21 Divisions Scented Candle

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The 21 Divisions Scented candle or the 21 Divisiones in Spanish is made up of three main spirits. The Rada division, the Sweet division and Petro Division, a most powerful spirit common in Dominican Voodoo. Together they possess a unique methods for establishing a connection with the supernatural, enabling them to attain success in various aspects of life such as advancing their careers, addressing love and relationship concerns, healing illnesses, and much more.

To use light up candle in a safe location out of the reach from children or pets. As you light up the candle, clear your mind from negativity and pray the prayer located on the label. 


Keep away from children and pets. Never leave a lit up candle unattended and place in a safe location away from anything that can catch fire.

  • Hand Crafted Prepared Spiritual Candle
  • 100% Original
  • This candle is estimated to burn for 145 hours