7 Day White Pull Out Candle

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The White Pull Out Candle that burns for 7 Days is a powerful candle for healing from all sorts of troubles.

Whether you're looking to mend a broken heart or break free from any unwanted spells or witchcraft, this pure white color candle has got your back. With its incredible powers, it can bring forth truth and banish negative energy like nobody's business!

This enchanting candle comes with an extraordinary feature - it can be easily removed from its protective glass casing. So go ahead and carve your desires into the wax; let your intentions shape reality. Once you're done infusing it with your deepest wishes and dreams, simply reinsert it back into the comforting embrace of the glass holder.

To enhance its potency even further, dress and prepare this remarkable candle with oils and herbs that resonate with your personal needs. The pure essence of this mystical flame brings forth truth while warding off negative energy. Let its radiance illuminate every corner of your existence as it guides you towards self-discovery and healing.

So whether you're embarking on a journey towards self-healing or seeking protection against unseen forces, our White Pull Out Candle will be by your side throughout every step of the way.

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  • 5
    White Pull Out Candle

    Posted by Angelina Wallace on Jul 12th 2022

    This is an excellent size for my ancestor altar, I'm relieved to start using these versus the dollar store ones

  • 4
    Vela pull out with glass

    Posted by ESPERANZA GARCIA on Feb 11th 2022

    Vela white pull out with glass $8.95

  • 4
    Burning duration

    Posted by Singrid on Jul 10th 2021

    7 day pull out candle burned for six days. Nicely packaged when delivered