Always on Top Pheromones

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Unleash your seductive powers with Always On Top pheromones. Indulge in an irresistible aura that effortlessly captivates. For confident women and masculine men, our discreet 25ml wonders conquer hearts. Choose from our specialized pheromones for an unforgettable impression. Be unforgettable – try one or try them all because you're Always On Top!

How to use:

  1. Prepare and Cleanse: Start with clean, dry skin. Take a shower and use unscented soap, as strong scents from other products can interfere with the pheromone effectiveness. Make sure your skin is free from any other fragrances or lotions.

  2. Apply Sparingly: Pheromone perfumes are usually quite concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Apply a small amount to your pulse points. Common pulse points include the wrists, neck, behind the ears, and on the inside of your elbows.

  3. Observe Effects: Pay attention to how people around you react when you wear the pheromone perfume. Keep in mind that individual responses can vary, and the effects may not be dramatic or guaranteed.


  • 25 ml
  • Heart shaped bottle