Black Hen Cologne - Gallina Negra

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Introducing Black Hen Cologne witch translates to Gallina Negra in Spanish but also known as Contra Maleficios y Salaciones is the ultimate mystical cologne designed to get rid you of unwanted spells, hexes, curses, secret enemies, jinxes, and witchcraft. This potent cologne serves as a powerful shield against negative energies, casting them away while invoking a sense of empowerment and protection. Suitable for both men and women, Black Hen Cologne harnesses ancient enchantments to create a holistic experience that purifies your aura and repels any ill intentions.

To use the Black Hen Cologne simply apply to the palm of your hands and rub onto your pulse points, wrists, and neck, while visualizing yourself being cleansed from any harmful influences. Embrace the transformative power of Black Hen Cologne and unleash your true potential, free from any curse.