Double Action Reversible Candle

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Hey there, fellow spell-slingers and energy enthusiasts! Allow us to introduce the incredible Reversible Candle – your ultimate weapon against those pesky spells, conjures, witchcraft, and negative vibes.

This bad boy is not your ordinary candle; it's a double-action powerhouse that knows how to bounce back like a pro. With its unique ability to reverse energies, this Reversible Candle has got you covered when you need to flip the script on any unwanted mystical mayhem.

Crafted with care using only the finest materials known in the realm of magic, this candle possesses a secret formula that ignites an aura of protection around you. Simply light it up and let its enchanting glow fill the air as it works diligently to dispel negativity from every nook and cranny.

Now here's where things get really exciting: our Reversible Candle is reversible itself! That means while it repels all those malicious forces aiming for mischief in your life, it also sends them right back from whence they came. Talk about flipping negative juju on its head!

But wait – there's more! This versatile candle isn't just for fighting off bad vibes; it can also be used for cleansing rituals or setting intentions during meditation sessions. It serves as your trusty sidekick throughout your spiritual journey.

So whether you're an experienced practitioner seeking extra mojo or someone new looking to safeguard their vibe game, our Reversible Candle will have you feeling confident and protected in no time. Bid farewell to negative energies


Keep away from children and pets. Never leave a lit up candle unattended and place in a safe location away from anything that can catch fire.

  • Hand Crafted Prepared Spiritual Candle
  • 100% Original
  • This candle is estimated to burn for 145 hours
  • Made in New York



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  • 5
    Reversible candle

    Posted by Nancy T on Mar 23rd 2024

    Candle arrived on time and intacted thank you

  • 5
    Reverse candle

    Posted by Anonymous on Aug 17th 2023

    My go to candle to light when my candles burn Black Soot

  • 5
    Reversible candle is great quality and value

    Posted by Nancy on Aug 14th 2023

    Thank you so much

  • 5
    Great results with the double reversible candle !!

    Posted by Nancy on Apr 4th 2023

    I can’t say enough good things about your company ! Thank you so much for sending these candies immediately to me , since I don’t have a Botanica where I live in the boonies lol ! I was desperate being attacked up here if you what I mean . Anyway I’m getting results ???️ suerte luck,com provided high quality service and sent these to me I believe the next day out ! Thank you so much ? I’ll be ordering next week ! Hopefully you won’t get tired of me ? Blessings to you and everyone ?️???

  • 5

    Posted by Melissa on Nov 15th 2022

    Same day it came my mom try start agurment. I burn it it had black smoot at top. The rest burn clear. The lady I paid keep forwarding my call. Strange I think the candle did more work!

  • 5
    Reversible candles

    Posted by Anonymous on Mar 10th 2022

    Definitely helped me when my open roads candle glass was turning black from all the negative energy that was keeping my faith from opening my roads/doors in life. I lit the Reversible candles with the open roads to protect it from any and all jealousy (which i have alot of, and I still don'tknow why), negative energy . It worked! Definitely recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by sierra on Jun 4th 2020

    I haven't used it as of yet however it was referred to me by a family member who says it helps. I have brought products out of the store that I was satisfied with. So I'm pretty sure this will be good as well

  • 5
    Unblock, Clear Hexes

    Posted by Gatekeeper on May 26th 2020

    Been feeling a lot of blockages and jealousy around me. Have good idea of the sender. Just want to send back taxes, Clear evil. Open and invite my good warring spirits in. Clear to receive all destined for my Good and remove the dark drama

  • 5
    Muy bueno

    Posted by Karla on Feb 1st 2020

    Gracias me srivio