Levanta Negocios Candle

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Seven day spiritual scented candle Levanta Negocios in Spanish. Used to boost and lift your business. It is also a great candle to use to protect your business from any hate or harm that has been placed on you or your business.  

Light up candle in a safe location out of the reach from children or pets. As you light up the business candle read the prayer located on the label. Meditate and build an energy wall that protects your spirit and breaks away evil spirits. Do not allow any spiritual candle burn to its end, since it is considered bad luck. A candle should never reach its natural death. 


Keep away from children and pets. Never leave a lit up candle unattended and place in a safe location away from anything that can catch fire.

  • Hand Crafted Prepared Spiritual Candle
  • 100% Original
  • This candle is estimated to burn for 145 hours