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Introducing the most powerful 7x7 Against All Candle, a supernatural masterpiece designed to harness unparalleled power. This extraordinary candle goes beyond the limits of your average candle, as it possesses an extraordinary potency that is 49 times more powerful.

Crafted with unwavering passion and infused with 49 esoteric elements, this astral candle radiates an energy that acts as an impenetrable shield against all forms of negativity, it attract good luck, it protects, bring love, it does it all. Its intense aura empowers your spirit, amplifying your inner strength and transforming your surroundings with boundless positivity.

The 7x7 Against All Candle stands as a physical representation of its extraordinary might. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, this candle is a testament to their expertise, ensuring every detail contributes to its immense power.

Embrace the supernatural forces that lie within the 7x7 Against All Candle and experience its transformative abilities. Enter a realm where limitations fade away, and your intentions are magnified sevenfold. Let this extraordinary creation elevate your journey, bringing forth profound change and unimaginable possibilities.


Light up candle in a safe location out of the reach from children or pets. As you burn the candle clear your mind from negative thoughts and energies, focus on your desires and draw up a metal image on how you will accomplish your wishes. Repeat these steps every time you light up the candle.


Keep away from children and pets. Never leave a lit up candle unattended and place in a safe location away from anything that can catch fire.

  • Hand Crafted Prepared Spiritual Candle
  • 100% Original
  • This candle is estimated to burn for 145 hours 

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  • 5
    7x7 candle

    Posted by Destiny on Aug 22nd 2023

    Can’t go wrong with this candle it’s designed to meet all your Pacific needs and or desire Always good to have

  • 5
    7x7 Candle

    Posted by Anonymous on Aug 17th 2023

    My go to candle to light when my burning candles break or Broken

  • 5
    Great candle

    Posted by Angela on Jul 5th 2023

    Great candle

  • 5

    Posted by M. Frederick on Aug 4th 2022

    Awesome candle. This was my first time purchasing from this store. Very fast shipping and my candles wrapped beautifully. No broken candles! As for this candle I burnt this one first. It definitely absorbed alot of negative energy. This candle came already anointed in oil. Very heavy and large candle. I will definitely purchase again.

  • 5
    Excelente veladora

    Posted by Gisela Ferrer on Apr 10th 2022

    Compre esta veladora preparada y con mucha fe la encendí, despues de sentí que se me quito un peso enorme de mala energía física como mental y en la flama de la mecha se formó la figura de una persona que conozco claramente.

  • 5
    7x7 candles

    Posted by Margerita Scaffa on Feb 5th 2022

    I always use this candle when I'm use the 7x7 spiritual bath and I definitely see and feel a difference. Positive Energy. Life moving in a positive direction. This is my second candle as well as ordering other items. My next orders I'm requesting the candle to be blessed. Hopefully things continue in a positive bath without having obstacles. I definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Gloria Alba on Aug 20th 2021

    I've been buying this candle religiously. I just don't feel the same when it's not lit. I will continue to purchase this candle every chance i get.

  • 5
    I’m loving it :)

    Posted by Elizabeth on Oct 19th 2019

    Very good energy from this candle :)

  • 5
    10 stars

    Posted by Jackie on Mar 14th 2019

    this candle is AMAZING I got it bless for me and nothing has gotten in my way ever since I turned it on. Thank you so much I will continue to buy